Do Consumers Prefer Longer Commercials or Shorter Ones? The Answer May Surprise You

Jun 25, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“At a time when the ad industry is embracing ever shorter forms of advertising for both TV and digital media, consumers say they actually prefer longer-form ad messages,” MediaPost reports. “A survey of U.S. adults conducted [last week] by Research Intelligencer and Pollfish finds most believe TV’s standard-length commercials — :30s and :15s — are the ideal length, not the six-second and shorter units being tested and researched by the advertising and media industry.”

The report notes that 46.5% of respondents cited 30-second commercials and 26.5% cited 15-second commercials as the optimum length to engage with advertising on television.

“Interestingly, for online media — where shorter-length units such as six-second pre-rolls have long been a standard — nearly the same percentages of consumers said they prefer :30s and :15s,” the report notes, adding: “The findings are self-reported, and run contrary to research conducted by media suppliers such as Fox that have been testing short-form TV ad units, as well as recent scientific studies by the Advertising Research Foundation and Nielsen, using biometric and neuromarketing techniques, respectively.”

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