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One of the Best Young Adult Books of All Time — Which Was Adapted Into a Hit NBC Series — Comes Under Attack

Jun 26, 2018  •  Post A Comment

The American Library Association has taken action against the author of the book ranked No. 22 on Time’s “100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time,” Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House on the Prairie.”

In an editiorial, The New York Post reports that the group is stripping Wilder’s name from a children’s literature award named for her.

“The group decided it will no longer judge her series, ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ in the context of the times in which it was written or the era it describes, but against the politically correct standards of 2018,” the piece says.

The ALA reportedly determined that Wilder’s words inflict pain on minorities. “Her characters express opinions on the treatment of blacks and Native Americans that are ‘not universally embraced’ today,” the Post reports, adding: “Translation: Wilder is a racist, even if her books were written in a bygone era.”

The opinion piece adds: “What an absurd, and ironic, view for a group like the ALA, which supposedly prides itself on respecting free speech in literature. It was more on the mark in 2011 when it defended Mark Twain’s classic ‘Huckleberry Finn’ against efforts to edit out his use of the n-word.”

In that instance, an ALA spokesperson reportedly told the Chicago Tribune: “Children … deserve the chance to read the book thoughtfully and in its entirety and to understand and to ask questions about why [Twain] used the word.”


  1. Why is the politically correct not asking why a classic book written by a woman would receive this treatment when a book by a man isn’t getting the same treatment. More Hypocrisy.

  2. You cannot learn from history if you erase it. We are truly entering a world of mind control and double think.

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