CBS Boss Leslie Moonves Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Jul 27, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Leslie Moonves, chairman and CEO of CBS and one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, is accused of sexual misconduct in a New Yorker piece that is set to be published today, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR reports that the article by Ronan Farrow will include allegations of unwanted kissing and touching against Moonves.

“Sources with knowledge of the article say it delves into the broader culture at CBS and will publish later today on the magazine’s website,” THR reports.

Farrow won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking the story of allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein. Rumors of his story about CBS have been circulating for some time.

The New Yorker would not comment because the piece had not yet been published.

CBS put out a statement in response to word of the allegations, saying: “All allegations of personal misconduct are to be taken seriously. The Independent Directors of CBS have committed to investigating claims that violate the Company’s clear policies in that regard. Upon the conclusion of that investigation, which involves recently reported allegations that go back several decades, the Board will promptly review the findings and take appropriate action.”

The rest of the CBS statement reads: “The timing of this report comes in the midst of the Company’s very public legal dispute. While that litigation process continues, the CBS management team has the full support of the independent board members. Along with that team, we will continue to focus on creating value for our shareowners.”

THR notes: “The allegations are said in part to involve instances of unwanted kissing and touching that occurred more than twenty years ago, as well as numerous claims that occurred more recently.”

The report notes that Moonves, 68, has been married to CBS personality Julie Chen since 2004.

We encourage readers to click on the link above to THR to read the publication’s full report.


  1. Will his wife address this on her show? Enquiring minds wanna know!!

  2. Ruh Ro! Now we learn just what it means to be an elite in this country. What’s the over/under he remains at CBS?

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