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#MeTooSoon? Louis C.K. Gets Slammed for Returning to the Stage

Aug 28, 2018  •  Post A Comment

In the wake of Louis C.K.’s surprise stand-up performance Sunday night, the comedian has been the focus of scathing criticism by comedians and others on social media.

Comedian Kathy Griffin had an especially harsh response, sending out a series of tweets lamenting comedy’s “white boys club.” Griffin tweeted that male comedians “cover up for each other. It’s a sick, cruel cycle and right now I can only imagine what the survivors of Louis’ predation are thinking. All I know is we should all be outraged…the boys club won again…”

You can see other tweets on the subject from Griffin below.

Comedian Melinda Hill sent out a tweet saying: “Louis CK is spearheading the #MeTooSoon movement.”

Sady Doyle tweeted:  “Hi, I’m Louis CK. Welcome to my show, ‘The Self-Aware Rapist.’ Man, guys like me are the worst. Just the worst, the worst, the… yes, yes, I’ll accept this medal for my bravery. To continue, just the worst, worst, worst, worst, worst…”

Allie Goertz wrote on Twitter: “I believe people can grow and change, but this urgency to bring him (and others) back SO soon just sends such a bad message.”

Here are Griffin’s tweets on C.K.’s return …


  1. Odd that the “slamming” is coming from somebody who was recently on the outs with the public too and “glided back” in as well. I personally think what she did was worse than Louis CK. Louis is creepy for making those requests…but he did ask permission and the “victims” all stayed by their own free will. Should be in a different category than the “me too” movement. Kathy Griffin wanted to behead another human. Killing is worse than touching yourself. Not everyone is slamming Louis.

  2. Anyone who thinks that a joke about the President (no matter that it may have been in bad taste) is equivalent to abusing numerous women needs to meet some of these women and hear their stories. I wonder what MrSitcom would say if it was his daughter Louis abused.

  3. Did he abuse women tho??

  4. Pot, meet kettle.

  5. He didn’t abuse women in my opinion. Do you know what the did? It is creepy and disappointing. But it’s not abuse.

  6. Louis asked permission first, and having weird kinks is definitely not illegal. That whole “the power dynamic invalidates consent” argument is paper thin. Are you seriously trying to say that it is impossible to receive valid sexual consent from someone just because you are in a powerful position? Laughable

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