KTLA-TV Pays Emotional Tribute to News Anchor Who Died at 43

Jan 2, 2019  •  Post A Comment

KTLA-TV in Los Angeles posted a tribute to Chris Burrous, an anchor on the Tribune Broadcasting station who died unexpectedly on Dec. 28 at age 43. As we reported previously, police said his death may have been a drug overdose.

The 15-minute clip aired on KTLA on the morning of Dec. 28, soon after news broke of Burrous’ death, with the on-air personalities still visibly shaken by the news.

Here’s the clip …


  1. Emotional “bullshit.” The guy who made a lot of money for some reason killed himself and any “emotional” fallout should be given to his family for his abandonment of them.

    • I truly hope someone cares when you die.

  2. He had some kind of issue. Why was he in a hotel room ? I read in some where that he had told his wife he had a Rose parade meeting. Why all the secrets if he wasnt do something wrong?

  3. Neither KTLA nor any other local stations are investigating any of the details of his death…I’m guessing if it weren’t one of their own, we would know a lot more by now. KTLA has quite effectively portrayed his wife to be the jobless, broke, naïve, unknowing housewife – so much so that two GoFundMe accounts have been set up to help out her and her daughter. Prayers to them, but there’s a lot we’re not being told.

  4. The man was human!!
    For what ever his intention was that day, no one will ever completely know. My prayers go out to the family. For as much we enjoyed, and felt we knew the man, we are reminded, no one is perfect.
    Rest In Peace Mr. Burrows 🙏🏼

  5. I like so many others are SHOCKED and HEARTBROKEN to learn of Chris Burrous passing and asking why,why and why? I grieve deeply for his family and what they are going through. No one ever expects to die but obviously he was not thinking straight and when something has such a grip on you, you do things you wouldn’t do normally. He was such a dynamic personality and brought such joy to others but couldn’t help himself. At least he is not suffering anymore and for that we should be grateful. I will always cherish the joy that he gave his viewers and coworkers and pray for his wife, daughter and parents to find comfort in knowing that others share in their grief too. RIP Chris

  6. He was a great man
    He perhaps did not make the best decision that day… but he was human. Prayer to his wife and daughter. I enjoyed watching him tremendously. He will be missed….and of course Burrous bites.
    Plus.. all you haters… should be ashamed of yourselves. None of us are perfect.
    RIP CB. 💕

  7. All I know is he is gone and will be missed. If he overdosed or not, he was a funny and kind person. Using drugs is a disease, why do people have to be negative. RIP Chris….

  8. We all have demons no one has a right to judge he obviously put smiles on people’s faces everyday maybe even behind his own frown, I feel for his wife and kids newscasters are not rich unless they are World News Tonight type anchors he was welcomed into our home every weekend and made us laugh his demons are none of my business God Rest his soul God bless his family

  9. RIP Chris
    I watched you every weekend. I was totally shocked when I heard the news. You will be missed. Haters please stop the negativity. Think of his family at this time and how you can help.

  10. There is no need for haters on this blog – we all have our demons so please……it does not matter how he died but how he lived.

  11. I feel the same way on this sudden death on him. And why was he at the hotel what drug did he take to be found,OD on. But it’s so sad to hear that and I feel so sorry for his familey

  12. RIP see you on the other side. No ones perfect and now you face our maker and he knows your heart♥️

  13. I can’t believe this. I am so sad. He had such an enjoyable personality and made the news fun. RIP.

  14. It’s hard to believe he had a drug problem. With so many friends around someone had to know.. Did he ever seek help? There are so many questions to be asked as to why this happened.. Prayers to his family and friends.

  15. Where is his wife she has not come out to talk about it

  16. I was shock to hear that he had die I saw him on TV just that day and to hear he gone he Will be so so much miss my prayers to his wife and daughter and his parents RIP Chris why why why?

  17. I spoke to someone who knows Chris , and the camera man that was with him on assignment and she told me that he had a very bad foot injury and that he was on pain meds for quite a while , and on that day he was in a lot of pain , and he needed to rest . That is why he was at the Day inn. So while the cameraman went to get food for the both of them, he must of taken another Oxy way to soon after he took his last Oxy , and when the cameraman came back to the room , he found him unconscious and he was pronounces dead .
    May his soul rest in peace ,and may his family find solace . and please don’t judge .. Only G-D can !!

    • Remember how much he made all of us laugh. How we felt welcoming him into our homes. Mistakes are made that can not be undone. Bless his family and remember that Chris was a one of a kind guy💗

    • Thank you!!!!

    • Natalie, I guess u missed that one by a mile. I really liked the guy

  18. So if it was just Oxy why didn’t they just say that on t.v.? Why all the secrets…? Why hasn’t the wife come out to say anything- even send out a statement? Is it because she refuses to continue to play the fool? And NEWS is NEWS- They should report it just the same so they can continue to be trustworthy! So was it the drugs that caused the kind and at times- bizarre personality? Who was he truly…? So many so-called friends, and co-workers and no one can tell something was wrong…? Random drug tests are important in the work place- should be done more! Have we all been played a fool by him- and so they don’t want to rain on peoples parade…? And we all have to make sound judgments in life, so we know what NOT to do in life, we just do not judge his final resting place- is all. So it is important to talk about it and NOT coverer it up. He had a daughter and a wife- all sufficient reasons to be a responsible person! May God have mercy on him now as well as with us, because we can never fool God.

    • Who the f*** do you think you are like you’re f****** perfect we all have our demons and we’re only human we all make mistakes in life it’s not like he did it deliberately or intention and lead to overdose he was prescribed pain meds for a broken foot and you all know everyone knows what happens when your prescribed pain medication you eventually become addicted so if you should be mad at anybody you should be mad at the doctor that are prescribing medication to people not monitoring their patients so the people that are hating on Chris and thinking his personality was fake , I think his personality was genuine and he was funny and caring and he spoke very highly of his family constantly ..
      And that person who wrote this comment you act like you knew him personally and he was such a bad person but you’re no better if anything you’re more than a horrible human being for writing something like that..
      So by you writing this comment how does this make you a better person? You’re just a “VIEWER” a nobody in a so-called fan soon by you writing something like that I don’t even consider you a fan just so low life piece of s*** and jealous of what he’s done with his life and the fact that he was loved by everyone in the community and you’re probably hated by all your neighbors in your community if you have to sit on here and blast somebody for their mistakes then you’re no better you stupid f****** piece of s*** go fuckyourself Meg you dumb ASS
      We all have our demons and we’re only human there is a special place for you South of heaven. When you probably have no room to talk because you have nothing better to do and character assassinate somebody for their demons.
      And God bless you I hope you feel good about yourself

    • agrred! why the secrecy…

  19. Sick Hateful comments by Joe & Meg 👆🏻(a couple of dirtbags in our society), they sit here and judge and make assumption& scandal. acting as if Chris Burrous “personally” did something to them .Such cruel pathetic ,idiots .Get a life, losers!
    However Chris passed away is still tragic & obviously saddens so many .
    Chris was real person &we’ll miss him and his great talent &fun personality.He was a person that brought laughter & Joy & made a difference for others .Prayers to his wife and daughter & Family & KTLA .

  20. My heart is saddened and for his wife and daughter. I will miss your smile and seeing you on my weekends.

  21. Remember how much he made all of us laugh. How we felt welcoming him into our homes. Mistakes are made that can not be undone. Bless his family and remember that Chris was a one of a kind guy💗

  22. My heart goes out to his family. We don’t know what really happened and its its not our business to behonest .I truly do miss seeing him on TV .REST N PARADISE CHRIS BURROUS MAY GOD KEEP CLOSE

  23. Chris, I have the same love that so, so, so many others do for you for you and your family. Judgement is for our God and for him and him alone. You we love as the mortals we are. God bless you Chris Burrous. We love you so. Please Lord we love Chris we bless his blessed heart. Please understand his pain and anxiety (i know you do) Anyway, bless his soul and and please keep his loved ones safe from further pain from the agony they have already have had to deal with.

  24. Anxiety, I am doing ok, will people like it? That will kill a person, or make them find something that will let them not feel. There are many dead because of it

  25. I am so saddened by his passing. He was truly the best news personality ever. I spent every weekend laughing hysterically at his dymamic personality. I saw that episode about the black stuff in his hair. I laughed so hard I cried.
    We went to all the local places he showed in Burrous ‘ bites.
    Such a shame

  26. So shocked about his sudden death! I feel a lot of sorrow for his wife and daughter!
    What happened? He played a good role on channel 5! I will miss Burrough’s bites.

  27. He was a gay drug addict. That who he really was. Selfish. Didn’t care about his family.

    • No I’m sorry to say you’re the gay person he wasn’t taking drugs it was prescribed medication.and how do you know where you there.??
      And he was far from a selfish person he was very caring and considerate of his co-workers and his family. You are the selfish and inconsiderate one to say something like that for someone that you don’t even know show you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see who the person is staring back at you you are probably selfish more than anybody…
      So from the famous words of twisted sister the band you’re going to burn in hell

    • WOW your so judgmental when you really have no right. Pain is subjective and you have no empathy and I’m sorry he died from it. May his soul RIP and I’m sure our loving God gave his soul this. May his family find strength and acceptance for this tragic event. May God watch over them during time of mourning and in the future. May God help you find some empathy!

  28. Wow and to think I share this planet with such jerks

  29. I got up Friday morning, I glanced at the television and saw “Remembering Chris Burrous”, I asked my daughter Kia, “Why would they word it like that? It should read Chris Burrous Remembering 2018. Their making it sound as if he has passed away”. My daughter replied, “Mom, he did. That’s what they are talking about. I was in complete shock!!! I pray for that God covers his wife, daughter, parents and coworkers with His mighty strength.

  30. Yes, I was very sad to hear of his passing. I live in the far north in Canada an always enjoyed Chris and his humor. He will be sadly missed. My condolences go out to all his family as well his news family.

    and Cruz its OK to admit your a gay drug addict. U Ass*^*hole

  31. It astounds me that there are those who feel they have the right to say the hateful and rotten things they say, at a time like this.

    Quit showing off what inhumane pieces of trash you are. You have no grace or soul. Outrages! Just shut up!!!

    Chris made many of us laugh with his humor and his talent. He will be missed.

  32. Sure do miss Chris and channel 5,this morning. Spectrum and Ktla need to come to a agreement soon. I’m pulling off Spectrum/Charter if they don’t come to some agreement. I never liked Charter Cable service then Spectrum joins in; Double dislikes!!
    I like to know also, has there been any mention of services for Chris Borrous?
    May you rest in peace and the pepetual light be with you always.

  33. If you have not experienced addiction or know someone who has please refrain from such heartless and negative comments. It’s easy to judge and blame but no one truly;y knows what a person is going through. Demons are always nipping at your heels. I myself have never experienced addiction but just watching my family members go through it was enough for me to stay away. It robs you of your dignity, self worth and your common sense. You get in so deep that by the time you realize how bad it is, it’s too late. I’ve seen it start innocently with pain medication for an injury then turn into a full blown addiction. If what happened to Chris Burrous is not an indication of how serious this opioid crisis is then I don;t know what is. He had so much to live for yet he was not spared. Instead of standing back and pointing fingers, judging and preaching, pray for his family and colleagues. They need the support!!

  34. We loved watching Chris Burrous on KTLA. It came as a total shock to everyone. After hearing about the overdose, the seedy motel and the male that was in the room with him, we can only guess what kind of a double life he was living. Can’t imagine what his wife, daughter and parents are going through. It seemed so obvious that he loved life, fun, food and his family. Condolences to everyone. It’s been an unbelievable heartbreak.

  35. I can’t say absolutely for sure, but heard that he had become addicted to pain meds after some health incident. If it turns out to be drugs that may have lead to his troubles.

    A month or so back I remember watching the weekend morning news and he was telling one of the ladies about staying at some hotel/motel when you do early morning to cut out an driving in traffic and sleep a bit more.

    He mentioned that another newscaster told him about doing that and if memory serves me it was Mark Kriski.

    I have an uncanny memory but could be be wrong on the fellow news guy who showed him to do that but it was def another KTLA guy.

    I too will miss his news antics. My cousin did one of the Burrous Bites episodes with him. Def one of a kind.

  36. I looked forward to my weedend mornings with Chris. Still find it difficult to believe he is gone. I pray for his beautiful family and parents.

  37. We have lost a great newscaster and his family has lost a husband and father . Have a heart and not be so critical of someone’s loved one.
    Everyone had problems and some are more noticeable than others but,that does not mean you have to be a gutter bug .

  38. Chris, I’m sure, was a very nice, funny, and talented journalist. However, when KTLA decides to be “selective” in reporting the news because the focus of the news was a reporter for that same news service, one has to wonder what else KTLA refuses to “report.” Perhaps it is time to consider KTLA “news” really just entertainment.
    I think that we can all remember when Anthony Bourdain died and CNN covered the situation in detail. In the process, much light was brought to the issue of depression and suicide. I’m sure none of this reporting was “easy” for CNN. But it was fair and true and brought an issue to the public who’s continues to be important.

  39. Ok I can believe he was on pain meds for his foot injury and maybe he was at the Days Inn because he was closer to KTLA & Pasadena so he didn’t have to fight traffic from Porter Ranch. But why is KTLA not reporting information on who was with him & how he died. They just showed his furneral still with no mention of cause of death. This Indeed shows how KTLA reports selectively. Many other deaths they report every disturbing detail that I don’t want to hear but in this case nothing! More proof that KTLA is just like all the others FAKE NEWS !

  40. So lots of nasty negative remarks. Those doing this obviously are pissed and irritated. I started heartbroken, still am, probably always will be. For one second I got mad. Because his wife and child will have to live without him. I lost my father at 13 to unpleasant circumstances as well. No matter what, there is no bringing them back. So being mean and assuming shit can get back to his daughter. You people don’t give a shit really. KTLA has done good job protecting family from people like you. So have all the other stations as a matter of fact. You don’t deserve to know.

  41. Was there a funeral for Chris?

  42. https://youtu.be/7df_sYhi_MU
    he has bruises on his head in this video

  43. RIP chris god bless you and your family, I will forever miss you.

    You are in a better place and God will take care of your family.
    Love Tim T.
    Toronto , canada

  44. Wow reading all of these comments says one thing to me: Chris affected a lot of his viewers personally. I know he affects me personally. I felt like I had an added person in my living room watching me. He was an original and lots of people were positively affected by him and his words and actions. The personal circumstances surrounding his death are none of our business. Celebrate what he left us and pray for his family and friends. They’re the people suffering true loss. Especially hiss little girl. She doesn’t have a dad anymore…..

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