Aldous Huxley’s Most Famous Book to Become a TV Series

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The most famous book by author and philosopher Aldous Huxley is headed to television as a series after USA Network announced a straight-to-series order for “Brave New World.” The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reports that the NBCUniversal-owned cable network placed a 10-episode order for the adaptation.

The project has been trying to find its way to television for years.

“First put in development back in 2015 — under former Syfy president Dave Howe — the new take has David Wiener (‘Homecoming’) as writer and showrunner,” THR notes. “Wiener joined the project last year and a mini writers room was opened in August. The series will shoot in the U.K. A premiere date has not yet been determined.”

THR adds: “First published in 1932, ‘Brave New World’ ranked fifth among the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century by Modern Library. The series imagines a utopian society that has achieved peace and stability through the prohibition of monogamy, privacy, money, family and history itself.”


  1. It’s interesting. Even when I was reading this book as well as “1984” in High School in the mid-70’s I could easily see the similarities to these “Utopian Societies” and the kind of policies and ideologies of the far left. That’s why I got a kick out of the left trying to say Trump’s election was going to usher in a “1984” type of society. The left is unbelievably good at attempting to project what THEY believe and what THEY would do unto someone else hoping that nobody will notice. It will be interesting to see the type of character they cast as the “leader” of this “Brave New World.” Will it be a “Bernie-Like” curmudgeon? Or will it be an attractive, charismatic but intellectually vacant AOC-type ?? I’m betting an AOC-type clone who is suddenly whip-smart. Attractive people are more fun to watch than curmudgeons.

  2. Sir William is not just a jerk, but a stupid, ignorant jerk. How convenient of him to ignore the vicious, destructive policies and ideologies of the far right and Trump criminals: the policing of bedrooms of all citizens, policing the bodies of women and dictating what women can and cannot do with their bodies, harassing and destroying all types of immigrant families, undermining our nation’s laws and democratic ideals, undermining law enforcement, undermining the nation’s military, undermining our foreign policy, encouraging and supporting America’s enemies, and so much MORE. Who in hell does this”Sir William” JACKASS think he is fooling? His disgusting lies and gaslighting demagoguery should be stuffed down his throat so that he can never make comments on TV Week ever again. You think you are smart, amusing, entertaining, and intellectual? You are NONE of those, you horrible jerk.

    • Have you read “1984”? Political Correctness, I.e. “Double Speak” is from the Left. Which side claims tolerance while beating down any one who disagrees with them? The Left. The book is a liberals dream!. And there is no way you can ever convince me killing a full-term, viable baby is not murder. If you want to control your body – Don’t get pregnant. Pretty simple and has worked for me!

  3. Reading the 2 comments above make me wish I had some Soma right now.

    • Why is that? Because your a drug abuser and an addict?

      • “you are”

  4. How does one respond to an emotional, unhinged comment like Honey Hate’s ? Logic won’t work. It seems like nothing would work as “Honey” undoubtedly ran to a “safe space” closet or some sort of sanctuary after going off. I will not advocate for “Honey” to have anything stuffed down his/her throat or have his/her comments removed from TV-Week, never to ever appear again because that is how the “left” deals with those who do not share their viewpoints. If there was ever a shining example of this, it would be “Honey Hate.”

    • “Suck William” — how convenient of you to completely ignore all the points I enumerated that tear down your hypocritical, asinine attack on principled liberal policies and viewpoints. You are sickening for your hypocrisy and your game-playing. The reason you should be barred from commenting on TV Week has everything to do with your LIES. It has nothing to do with you your juvenile. sh1t-eating snickering about so-called logic, or “safe spaces,” or your additional LIE about how the so-called “left” deals with idiots like you who do not share their superior viewpoints. After all that, “Suck William” remains — and will always remain — a dark example of a hypocritical, right-wing JACKASS LIAR.

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