CBS Reveals the Not Very Surprising Reason It’s Standing By ‘Bull’ Star Despite Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Aug 1, 2019  •  Post A Comment

CBS defended its decision to keep “Bull” and its lead actor on the air despite the claim by actress Eliza Dushku that she was sexually harassed by the star, Michael Weatherly, on the set of the show.

“Dushku has said she was written off ‘Bull’ after complaining that Weatherly remarked on her appearance and made jokes involving sex and rape in front of cast and crew in early 2017,” the AP reports. “Last year, the allegation and a $9.5 million confidential settlement reached with Dushku were made public in a report by The New York Times.”

CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl commented on the situation Thursday during a Q&A session with TV critics, saying that Weatherly and “Bull” executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron are receiving “leadership coaching.”

Kahl added that Weatherly is taking responsibility “as the head of a show to make the set a positive place to work.”

The AP quotes Kahl saying: “More than 10 million people watch every week. Michael is loved by our audience and even after these allegations came out, people continue to watch. So It’s a popular show that we want to keep on our air … and it’s a very good show, as well.”


  1. “Leadership coach???”

    Oh god who makes up this sht???.

  2. Hard to believe that this is almost the exact “remedy” used in a sexual harassment case at a Los Angeles TV station 30 YEARS AGO! Back then there were no multi-million dollar settlements. All but one of the complainants lost or left their jobs. The perpetrator/harasser/jacka$$ director was required to take “sensitivity training”–while on the job (he kept his; no idea if he became more sensitive). So disappointed, but not surprised, by the CBS spin on a deplorable situation.

  3. Good show or not, the stars need to step up and change their behavior, change the attitude on the set. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable for ANY reason. Be adults and just do the job…

  4. Weatherly has been a jerk, and worse, for decades, and no one did anything about him.

  5. I agree with Earl Jefferson. Leadership coach??? What a load of crap. People really need to quit being so frakking sensitive. If most strong Southern woman are really offended by someone or a coworker, she does whatever she has to to knock some sense into the guy, and go on from there. Problem solved.

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