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The Tonys? More Like the Really Awards

Jonathan Reiner Posted June 8, 2009 at 4:58 PM

Tags: Tony Awards

Everyone’s buzzing about the number of “West Wing” women on Sunday night’s Tony Awards (Allison Janney, Stockard Channing, Kristin Chenoweth), but I was impressed with the number of reality vets at the theater world’s annual kudofest.

First and foremost, VH1 poster boy Brett Michaels missed his mark in the opening number and busted his nose when he was hit by a piece of moving scenery. I expect such injuries on “Charm School” or even “Survivor,” but not the Tony Awards. Who will get injured next year? Maybe Susan Boyle will fall into the orchestra pit, or Paula Abdul will trip over her tap shoes!

And "American Idol’s" Constantine Maroulis may have been a dark horse in the Best Actor race, but he wowed the crowd with his hammy magnetism during the “Rock of Ages” segment. I wonder if this is what Simon means when he calls some “AI” hopefuls “too musical theater.”

“On the Lot” judge Carrie Fisher (you DO remember Fox’s “On the Lot,” right?) could have used a re-take when she presented the except from “Next to Normal,” but we’ll forgive her the flub if she promises to the next “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Finally, there was Liza Minnelli. Her proposed VH1 docusoap with then-hubby David Gest never got off the ground earlier this decade, but her manic movements and over-the-top enthusiasm for life prove that she’s certainly reality fodder in 2009.

Hey, CBS and Allison Grodner – how about locking Liza in the "Big Brother" house? Liza may be high on life, but let’s see how she handles being on slop for a week!