About Us

The television business is evolving rapidly, and TelevisionWeek is, too.

With its coverage of the people, events, programming and new technology trends that affect the industry, TVWeek has always aimed to be the insider’s guide to the business behind the screens.

Founded and launched in 1982 by Rance Crain as Electronic Media, and later named TVWeek, we moved exclusively to the Internet in June 2009.

TVWeek’s managing director is Chuck Ross, who writes a regular blog that can be found on the TVWeek.com home page under Open Mic. Mr. Ross has been with TVWeek since January, 2000. Mr. Ross joined Crain in January, 1996 as the media editor of Advertising Age. He can be reached at chkross@tvweek.com. Mr. Ross is in charge of editorial content for TVWeek, and is also its publisher.

The Executive Editor of TVWeek is Dennis Liff. Mr. Liff has also been with TVWeek since 2000. He can be reached at dliff@tvweek.com. Mr. Liff is in charge of all the daily postings on TVWeek.com.