Palin on ‘Today’ Show this Morning: Letterman ‘Not Cool and Not Funny’ for Joking About ‘Statutory Rape’ USA Today; Reuters

Sarah Palin tore into David Letterman on the “Today” show this morning, telling co-host Matt Lauer that "I would say that you and anybody else are extremely naïve to believe David Letterman's very extremely convenient excuse” that he was joking about her older, 18 year-old daughter Bristol and not her 14 year-old daughter Willow about being knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.

Palin also said, "He doesn't have to apologize to me. I would like to see him to apologize to young women across the country for contributing to that thread throughout our culture that makes it seem OK to talk about ... statutory rape. It's not cool and it's not funny."

She said she would not appear on Letterman's show because it would only give him "a ratings boost."

USA Today has more on Palin’s “Today” Show appearance.

Separately, Senator John McCain said in an interview yesterday, "I don't understand why Letterman would say that about a young woman. They (the Palins) deserve some kind of protection from being the butt of late-night hosts." The report was by Reuters.

—Chuck Ross