CBS Won't Let Episodes of Show Starring One of Johnny Carson's Idols Be Put Out on DVD NY Post

Two dozen recently rediscovered episodes of the long-running series starring one of Johnny Carson's idols won’t be released from the vault to be put on DVDs because CBS won’t let them, the New York Post reports.

The series is the classic "Jack Benny Show." Carson made no secret about how much he admired Benny.

Laura Leff, president of The International Jack Benny Fan Club, told the paper that the fan club had offered to pay for the digital transfer and preservation of the episodes, but CBS refused, citing unspecified issues that Leff thought were costs associated with potential musical copyrights.

The episodes were discovered in 2008; the show aired from 1950-64.

The paper didn’t say what CBS’ comment was.

--Elizabeth Jensen and Chuck Ross