Leno's Ratings Ahead of Letterman; Way Ahead of Conan Media Life

In the relatively short time that Jay Leno has returned to take the helm of "The Tonight Show" the ratings of the program have improved substantially, Media Life reports.

According to the article, "After a couple of early Letterman victories among young adults, Leno has taken a firm lead among total viewers and adults 18-49, and Letterman has lost virtually all the gains he made in Leno's absence."

Furthermore, the piece says, "Leno has now won all 25 nights in total viewers since he returned from his brief run in primetime and 23 of 25 nights among 18-49s."

The article adds, "Leno, too, has seen his viewership fall since his debut. He averaged 5.6 million in his first week back, and he's down from the 2008-'09 season, when he averaged 5.2 million.
But he's well above the 2.8 million Conan O'Brien was averaging before his ouster."