Life Changer: Employee of KNBC-TV, the Flagship NBC Station in Los Angeles, Wins $266 Million in Mega Millions Lottery TVWeek,

A woman who works for NBC's flagship TV station serving the Los Angeles market, KNBC-TV, claims to have bought the single winning ticket in Tuesday's Mega Millions lottery that's worth $266 million, a KNBC spokesperson has confirmed.

At the woman's request, the spokesperson declined to give the woman's name or say in what capacity she works at the station.

According to a story at, on Tuesday night the woman and her husband decided to go out to dinner. The woman wanted to go to KFC. But her husband, who is unemployed, talked her into going to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue at 8760 Washington Blvd. in Pico Rivera, located in the eastern portion of Los Angeles.

It was at the restaurant that the couple bought the winning ticket. They picked, at random, 10 sets of six numbers each for 10 chances to win the Lottery. The $266 million jackpot is the 8th largest in the history of Mega Millions, which started in 2002, according to

The owner of the restaurant, which sold the couple the winning ticket, will receive $1 million.