Could Massage Habit Be Behind Al and Tipper's Breakup? Gore Accused of Sexual Abuse by Masseuse NY Post

The news that Al and Tipper Gore were separating shocked many who thought the pair had a rock-solid relationship, but the New York Post's Page Six is reporting another surprising development: a masseuse in Oregon is accusing the former vice president of sexual abuse during a $540 massage session. 

The alleged encounter took place in 2006 at an expensive hotel in Portland, where Gore was visiting to give a talk about climate change. According to a police complaint, the massage therapist alleges Gore subjected her to unwanted sexual touching, the story says.

Her complaint reads, "I finally got out the door after being forcefully being pulled back in the room . . . a couple times and trying to leave, to be groped and fondled and have tongue kisses forced on me. . . . and that's when he's saying, 'You know you want to do it.' And I was just thinking, 'Oh my God.' "

Tipper had previously complained about her husband's habit of visiting massage therapists, the story says. Gore declined to comment.