Fox Business Bumps Dave Ramsey in Favor of Former Trader Eric Bolling LA Times

Fox Business News is bumping its 8 p.m. show hosted by syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey in favor of a new program hosted by former Wall Street trader Eric Bolling, reports the Los Angeles Times' Show Tracker blog. 

The new show, "Money Rocks with Eric Bolling," will debut June 21 and will take an irreverent tack to topics that involve business, politics, sports and celebrity. Bolling had served as a panelist on CNBC's "Fast Money" before joining Fox Business Network in 2008.

Ramsay may make appearances on FBN until his contract expires later this year. The network is also creating a new weekend show hosted by former New Jersey Superior Court judge Andrew Napolitano called "Freedom Watch." It will debut Saturday at 10 p.m.