After Criticism About Bristol Palin's Continued Success on 'DWTS,' Producer Says Voting Process Is Fair for Everyone LA Times

With Bristol Palin's continued success on "Dancing with the Stars" drawing complaints that the show is being swayed by voting from supporters of Sarah Palin, her mother, the show's executive producer counters that the program's voting system is "fair for everyone," reports the Los Angeles Times.

"You'll find many people who are outraged didn't vote at all. They're casual viewers," said Conrad Green, the show's executive producer. "I wish they could take a deep breath and get some perspective. We've had shocking eliminations before on this season and other seasons. The voting system is exactly the same."

[Yesterday, in a separate story related to 'Dancing with the Stars" (DWTS), TVWeek published the details about how the voting on the show is tabulated.. If you click here and scroll toward the bottom of the story, you'll see the details.]

ABC on Wednesday said it stood by its results, although critics say Palin supporters have found a way to exploit the show's email voting system by creating false email addresses that let them over-vote, the article says. The story, though, points out that ABC has safeguards to prevent such tricks.

The bottom line, the story notes, is that the controversy certainly isn't hurting the show's ratings, with the program gaining 18% this season among viewers between 18 to 49 years old.