As FX Chief John Landgraf Cancels the Highly Acclaimed, Low-Rated 'Terriers,' He Says Don't Blame The Marketing Campaign Which Led Many to Believe the Show was About Angry (or Fighting) Dogs

As FX President John Landgraf canceled "Terriers" he explained that the low ratings for the show were not the fault of the marketing campaign, reports

Terriers.gifAccording to the article, "A lot had been said about the marketing campaign for the show, with some complaining that the billboards featuring the gnarling dog may have been misleading and thus responsible for the buddy detective show's low-rated launch. Landgraf said that those billboards were only used in Los Angeles and New York, and, 3 weeks into the series' run, he ordered a study with 600 people who had not seen the show that examined the effectiveness of 'Terriers' TV promos that had dominated the series' marketing campaign.

The result? According to the story, "The testing showed that the promos 'represented the show extremely well and explained very well what it was about,' Landgraf said. 'From my standpoint, the marketing department of FX has taken a little bit of unfair knocks for the lack of performance of the show. I don't think there is anybody to blame. It's hard to explain why people didn’t watch.'"

One reason the show didn't click with viewers, Landgraf said, is that the series' "subtle charm" was 180 degrees from the pop culture sensibility of such shows as "Jersey Shore," "The Walking Dead" and FX's own "Sons of Anarchy," the article said.

One of the show's executive producers, Shawn Ryan, who created the hit "The Shield" for FX, said in a tweet, according to the story, "Thanks for all the condolences, Terriers fans. Ultimately, we couldn't get enough people to watch. Don't blame FX. They're still 1st class."