'How many times can I scream last chance workout?': Jillian Michaels Explains Why She's Leaving 'The Biggest Loser' LA Times' ShowTracker blog

Jillian Michaels explained why she's leaving "The Biggest Loser," and it has to do with being tired of the format and wanting to adopt a child from Africa, according to the Los Angeles Times' ShowTracker blog.

According to the article, "Michaels talked about her decision to leave earlier this year, when a media day was held at the new Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, not far from the ranch were the NBC weight-loss show takes place. The media in attendance was barred from discussing the departure until Monday's formal announcement of Season 11. But that didn't stop Michaels from scooping everyone last week, when she tweeted that she was leaving."

"How many times can I scream last chance workout?" she said earlier this year, although the media was barred from reporting her departure until her formal announcement this week. "This job is all consuming. It's seven days a week. I want to start a family. It's time."

She said she plans to adopt a child from Africa soon (why Africa? "I loved being there, I loved the people, I want Africa to be part of my life.") She said she was misquoted when she was quoted as saying she didn't want to have children of her own because it would ruin her body; instead, she said she's not sure she can have her own children because of lifelong medical issues. She said she preferred not to go into details, the article notes.