The Best Non-TV Trivia Question of the Day. What Do the Following Words Have In Common? Furtive, Dissent, Ebullient, Shellacking, Doppelganger, Bigot, Socialism, Moratorium, Pragmatic and Austerity NY Post

This one isn't really obvious. What do the words in our headline have in common?

They are the ten most looked-up words on the website of the Merriam-Webster dictionary ( this year, reports the New York Post. The headline lists them in reverse order, with "furtive" being No. 10 and "austerity" being No. 1.

According to the Merriam-Webster site, here are the top words of the year since 2003, which was the first year the site started tracking what words users were searching:

2009: Admonish
2008: Bailout
2007: w00t [No, this isn't a typo. Click here to see Merriam-Webster's explanation of this word]
2006: Truthiness
2005: Integrity
2004: Blog
2003: Democracy