KCET's Post-PBS News Lineup May Be Focused Too Far From Home LA Times

The news lineup at KCET-TV since the station broke away from the PBS network may have a hard time finding U.S. viewers, the Los Angeles Times' James Rainey writes, because the new lineup includes a half-hour of the Asian-focused "Newsline" and a half-hour of "BBC World News."

That means viewers won't get a comprehensive look at U.S. news from the Los Angeles-based station, and while it's beneficial to get "an occasional view of the news as it appears from other points of view," Rainey writes, the Asian-focused news program feels provincial.

"To be sure, there are nearly 5 million people of Asian descent in California," he writes. "But ‘Newsline,’ from Japan's NHK network, forces a form of total foreign immersion--with a Japan-based anchor introducing stories and pitching to correspondents who tailor their stories for audiences much closer to home."

The BBC news offers more in the way of domestic news, but that too has a "distinctly foreign origin--news delivered, at arms length, about a far-off, exotic place," the article adds.