Roger Ebert Backs Off After Wading Into Racially Charged Debate NY Magazine

Film critic Roger Ebert opened a can of worms when he tweeted about the current controversy over censored words in the latest edition of Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” and he later took back what he said, New York Magazine reports.

The new book has had racially sensitive words, such as the n-word, removed, sparking a heated debate. Among the changes, in some cases, was replacing the n-word with the word “slave.” Ebert decided to step into the debate, tweeting, “I’d rather be called a N----- than a Slave.” (He used the actual word.)

Ebert, who is married to an African-American woman, drew angry responses, including the criticism that he wasn’t speaking from his own experience. He later tweeted: “I’ll never be called a N----- *or* a Slave. So I should have shut the **** up.”