Rumors Are Heating Up Again That Major Sunday News Show May Abandon Washington, D.C. NY Post

The rumors are heating up again that one of the major network Sunday morning news and information programs will be leaving Washington, D.C.

Staffers at ABC's "This Week" are concerned that the show will be moved to New York from Washington, because anchor Christiane Amanpour refuses to move to D.C. from her Manhattan home, the New York Post reports.

Instead, Amanpour travels to Washington each Friday to host the Sunday show, fueling concerns that she'll try to move the show's base to New York. The article notes that she doesn't want to pull her young son from school in New York.

Deciding whether to relocate the show to Manhattan is a top priority for Ben Sherwood, the new president of ABC News, the story says. "This Week" executive producer James Goldston and publicist Natalia Labenskyj are based in Manhattan.

An ABC representative said that everything is "status quo" with the show and that "nothing is imminent," the article adds.