Verizon Deal May Expose iPhone Flaws NY Times

Because Apple walks on water in the minds of many consumers, some flaws in the iPhone have been blamed on the company a number of consumers love to hate, AT&T, says Joe Nocera in The New York Times.

Nocera writes that one thing that may happen when Verizon starts selling the iPhone is that "the Verizon Wireless network will hold up fine but the iPhone will keep dropping calls because of its own inherent compromises. This time, though, it will be much harder to blame all the problems on its wireless carrier, the way it could with the hapless AT&T. At the very least, the iPhone will have to compete with all the Android phones, which offer a sturdier, if less dazzling, experience. And Verizon Wireless is unlikely to abandon its marketing support for Android the way it did with Palm. Those phones have become too important to its bottom line. "