Former Sarah Palin Aide Cries Foul Over HBO's 'Game Change' THR

A former aide to Sarah Palin discredited the HBO movie “Game Change,” claiming that HBO reneged on a promise to let him fact check the script for the movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film depicts the McCain-Palin presidential campaign four years ago.

Jason Recher, who was a senior adviser and trip director for the campaign, claims that "Game Change" screenwriter Danny Strong asked him early on whether the book the project is based on is accurate, the story notes. "I told him absolutely, unequivocally, it was not,” Recher said, speaking on a conference call, according to the story.

The call was designed to discredit the HBO movie before its March 10 debut, according to the article. Six other Palin aides and advisers joined on the call.

Strong allegedly offered to share the script with Recher, who later called to take him up on the offer, but Strong replied early this month that HBO wouldn't allow him to share the script, Recher said on the conference call, according to the piece.

"It is true that I interviewed Jason Recher to get his side of the story," Strong said in an email, the story says. "I did not offer to show him the script. I did not offer to show him the film. HBO offered to show Gov. Palin the film several weeks ahead of its debut and she declined the offer."