AMC Has Cause for Concern as Drama's New Season Premieres to Low Numbers NY Magazine

The future of an AMC drama series took a hit when the show’s audience numbers dropped off for the premiere of its second season, reports Joe Adalian in New York Magazine's Vulture blog.

The initial broadcast of the two-hour premiere of "The Killing" drew 1.8 million viewers, a 20% decline from the 2.3 million people who watched the show's first-season finale, the piece points out.

AMC has reason to be concerned about the ratings, Adalian writes. "First, cable shows almost always start off with big premiere ratings before trending downward in the following weeks, bouncing back when the finale rolls around," Adalian notes.

"This likely means 'The Killing' will take a dip over the next few weeks, resulting in year-to-year declines by the time season two wraps," he writes. "[W]hile it's too soon to declare a final verdict on 'The Killing's’ ratings, the odds of the show getting a third season just decreased dramatically."