Legendary 'Star Trek' Actor Sounds Off About Emmy Snub for Cult Show TVLine

An actor known for his iconic role on the original "Star Trek" series is upset at what he sees as a snub for a cult TV show in the Emmy nominations, reports.

The Emmy nominations came out yesterday, as we reported previously, and they didn’t show any love to “Fringe.” The Fox series received no nominations, and that didn’t sit well with Leonard Nimoy, who has appeared as William Bell, an associate of Dr. Walter Bishop's, on the series.

"No Emmy nomination for 'Fringe.' Ridiculous,” Nimoy wrote on Twitter. “So much talent. So much hard work. So much imagination.”

Nimoy, known for playing Spock on the original “Star Trek” series and in a number of “Star Trek” movies, added that fans of "Fringe" and other sci-fi shows shouldn't be surprised, noting, "Emmy has given short shrift to 'Star Trek,'” the story says.

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