A Past Judge Returns to 'American Idol' After Deal to Bring Singer Aboard Falls Through -- Show Expected to Lock In Four-Judge Lineup This Week Deadline

The revolving door that is the “American Idol” judging panel is spinning faster than ever this week, with the show bringing back Randy Jackson after the deal that was expected to bring Enrique Iglesias to the show fell through.

As we reported last week, Iglesias had been expected to join the show as a judge after “Idol” made what was described as a “firm offer” to the singer. Jackson, the only remaining original "American Idol" judge, was expected to return in a smaller role, but Fox has made a deal to bring him back to the judging table, reports

The deal was made after talks ended with Iglesias. "Sources indicate that the reasons to move away from Iglesias, who had been in negotiations for the gig, were not strictly financial," the story notes.

Jackson, as Mariah Carey's co-manager, helped line her up for a judging role on the show. The program is expected to unveil its new four-judge panel this week, once the contracts for Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj are finalized, the piece adds.