Report: 'American Idol' Has Offered One of the Judges' Spots to Singer Who Has Been Rumored to Be in Contention; Panel May Expand to Four Judges (Again) -- Potential Lineup Represents Four Musical Genres ... With One Big Omission EW

[Updated Friday, Sept. 7, 2012, 12:45 p.m. PT -- headline rewritten to reflect that the singer who was reportedly offered the judge's position, Enrique Iglesias, has had his name mentioned previously in connection with the job.This was pointed out to us in comments by at least one reader. A TVWeek editor, upon making the correction, then deleted the comments, which he should hot have done. We apologize and thank the commenters who pointed out our error.]

Fox’s "American Idol" has reportedly moved a step closer to locking down its panel of judges for season 12. The show made a “firm offer” of a judge's seat to singer and songwriter Enrique Iglesias, reports's Inside TV.

Additionally, the panel may expand to four judges next year, even after the show scrapped its entire previous panel, the story notes. Rapper Nicki Minaj and country singer Keith Urban are ready to join pop singer Mariah Carey on the show, with Iglesias potentially filling the fourth judge's seat, the piece adds.

Iglesias has received an offer of about $4 million a year, about what Urban was offered, the story says.

The report notes that the plan to bring these four judges together represents s “four-quadrant strategy,” with the four panel members representing four musical genres: pop, rap, country and Latin music. That leaves out a traditionally important genre, rock ‘n’ roll -- but the piece notes that rock hasn’t had much impact on the charts in recent times.

The piece adds: “’Idol’ tried expanding to four judges once before and the network was said to be unhappy with the result, so this possibility is a bit surprising. But NBC’s ‘The Voice’ managed to have four judges from different music backgrounds that have worked together quite well. Plus, Fox’s own ‘The X Factor’ has a quartet of judges, too.”