Dish Network and Gannett Settle Retransmission Dispute Deadline

An agreement has been reached in the retransmission dispute between Dish Network and the Gannett stations, reports.

The companies issued a brief statement saying they had reached an agreement, but did not immediately provide any details, the report notes.

The old contract between the two companies expired at midnight Sunday night, but the companies reached a last minute agreement to extend the deadline by several hours, keeping the Gannett stations’ programming on Dish Net this morning while they worked out the new agreement.

“Dish said on Friday that it had agreed to a 200% increase in the fees it pays to carry stations controlled by Gannett,’ Deadline reported before news surfaced of the agreement. “The increase is ‘the same as our closest direct competitor’ -- presumably DirecTV.

“But Dish said it was prepared to fight because Gannett wants it ‘to pay a significant penalty for allowing our customers access to AutoHop,’ the controversial feature on its Hopper DVRs that gives subscribers the ability to record all major network prime time shows and automatically skip past the ads. Broadcasters are suing Dish, alleging that the feature infringes on their copyrights and undermines their ability to pay for programming.”