Keith Olbermann -- Who Has Burned Many a Bridge During His Career -- Finds There's So Much Scorched Earth Behind Him That It Might Be Tough Finding a New Gig Forbes

Seven months after getting dismissed from Current TV, Keith Olbermann is searching for a new network, "and he’s not being too picky about it," reports Jeff Bercovici at

Olbermann has reached out to cable outlets and at least one broadcast network, communicating his wish to get back on the air, the story says. He's interested in either taking over an existing show or starting a new show.

He's apparently avoiding NBCUniversal, however -- not surprising given his history with the company -- but is approaching networks owned by Viacom and AMC Networks, according to the article. Olbermann was a fixture on NBCU’s MSNBC with his show “Countdown,” and even appeared for a while on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” But he exited his MSNBC spot under less than pleasant circumstances before surfacing briefly at Current.

"It’s too bad there’s so much scorched earth he must avoid, because the most natural home for him right now might be FX, which has lately been experimenting with liberally inflected comedy shows hosted by Russell Brand and W. Kamau Bell," Bercovici writes, adding, " But while FX may not toe the political line set by its owner, Rupert Murdoch, the News Corp. chairman has flat-out said he wouldn’t hire Olbermann again after firing him from Fox Sports in the 1990s."

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