ABC Executives Call Out 'GMA' Co-Anchor Over 'Passive-Aggressive' Antics, Clashes With Show's Staffers NY Post

Top ABC executives stepped in to try to put an end to conflicts on the set stemming from the “passive-aggressive” behavior of co-anchor Josh Elliott at “Good Morning America,” according to inside sources cited by the New York Post.

A top producer reportedly had a sit-down with Elliott after he lashed out at the crew expressing frustration about scripts. The meeting comes after reports that Elliott has allegedly yelled at staffers and writers, saying things like, "Who the [bleep] wrote this?"

One “GMA” insider is quoted as saying: “He’s being gossiped about in the media, and Josh is lashing out in a passive-aggressive way. They’re concerned about his behavior and trying to come up with a game plan. He’s a popular anchor, and they want to stop the gossip and focus on developing his talent.”

When similar complaints surfaced a few months ago, "GMA" producer Tom Cibrowski denied the reports and called Elliott "the ultimate team player," according to the story.

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