Censors Up in Arms Over Tim Allen's Rebooted 'Last Man Standing' as Sitcom Aims for Archie Bunker Territory NY Post

Censors at Walt Disney are on the alert over a more controversial version of "Last Man Standing," the ABC comedy starring Tim Allen, reports the New York Post.

The new version of the series is targeting more sensitive topics, such as racism and homosexuality, with the show’s return for its second season. Allen said the show is aiming to be a modern-day "All in the Family," according to the story.

“When didn’t you talk about what Archie Bunker said?” Allen said. “Maybe you didn’t agree with him. But you couldn’t help but like his passion -- or his ignorance. We think we can reboot that."

With new showrunner Tim Doyle, Allen is hoping to draw more viewers to the show, the piece adds. Doyle said ABC felt Allen's character didn't have a strong enough point of view during the show’s first season.

Among the lines that have already been cut is one in which Allen's TV daughter calls a classmate gay, the story says. Another episode features Allen's character having mixed feelings when the first African-American family moves onto their block.

"There are several jokes in there that were red flagged as being ‘too far,’” Allen said.