PBS Fixture Huell Howser Is Retiring Sacramento Bee

Huell Howser, who has been creating shows about California for public television for decades, is retiring from creating new programs, reports the Sacramento Bee.

Howser didn't issue a press release about his decision to retire, because he didn't want to make "any formal announcements about it," according to an associate at his production company.

With his long-running show "California's Gold" and his other PBS programs, Howser "is known for his unpretentious manner and wide-eyed amazement," the piece notes.

"'California's Gold,' after 19 years in production, has been called unslick and charming. His shows have spawned drinking games in which a glass is lifted every time Howser utters 'That's amazing!' or when he says something that might seem a tad obvious to a viewer," the piece adds.

huell-howser.jpgHuell Howser