CNBC to Add First Prime-Time Reality Series THR

CNBC has ordered two series, adding reality shows to its prime-time schedule for the first time, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The reality series are "Treasure Detectives" and "The Car Chasers," which will both debut March 5 in a block starting at 9 p.m. "Treasure Detectives" tracks a fakes and forgeries detective, Curtis Dowling, as his group looks into possible counterfeit items, while "The Car Chasers" is about a pair who travel around the U.S. looking to buy and sell cars.

CNBC is also developing four unscripted programs that cover subjects ranging from sports gambling to the musical world, the story says.

"The conflict between fear and greed and buy and sell plays out on our air every day, so there is great opportunity to extend those themes into prime time,” said Mark Hoffman, CNBC president and CEO.