Tom Cruise Has a $13.5 Million Christmas Present for His 6-Year-Old Daughter Huffington Post, TVNZ, The Sun

Just hours after a report surfaced that Suri Cruise was receiving lavish Christmas presents from her mom, Katie Holmes -- with The Huffington Post reporting a $24,000 playhouse as the centerpiece of a $49,000 bounty -- Suri’s dad, Tom Cruise, reportedly upped the ante in a big way.

New Zealand news site TVNZ is reporting that the actor bought Suri a $13.5 million house for Christmas -- along with a pony.

“The Hollywood actor, 50, will have custody of 6-year-old Suri for Christmas and is splashing out on lavish gifts including the multi-million [dollar] home in upstate New York so she can have a place to keep her pony and all of her other toys, including a $30,000 miniature race car he bought for her in 2010,” TVNZ reports.

Cruise and Holmes divorced earlier this year, as reported previously.

Among the other gifts Suri is set to haul in from her mom, according to a report in the U.K. publication The Sun: an iPad mini, a kids’ Mercedes, a Ralph Lauren dress and a Chloe fur coat.