Report: NBC Is Barring Ann Curry From Appearing Live NY Post

NBC is reportedly barring Ann Curry from appearing live on the television network, marginalizing the former "Today" co-host even more, reports the New York Post.

Curry was ousted from "Today" last summer and named as an NBC News national and international correspondent, as well as an anchor-at-large for "Today."

The reason for the move is presumably so NBC can edit her interviews, the story says. Curry keeps lining up live interviews, however, and that's causing friction between her and the network, according to the report.

As previously reported, in one live appearance last year, Curry had her first reunion with former co-host Matt Lauer, who gave her an enthusiastic greeting. Curry wasn't as effusive and replied with a curt, "Good morning, Matt," before jumping into a story.

A representative for the network called the report "nonsense."