Congressman's Staffer Fired Over Response to Sexy '2 Broke Girls' Spot THR

Following a Super Bowl commercial in which the two stars of CBS’s “2 Broke Girls” danced around a stripper pole, a spokesperson for Republican Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador was fired over a tweet he sent about the spot, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"’Me likey Broke Girls,’ wrote Phil Hardy after seeing the show's stars, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, eat diner food seductively and hang from a stripper pole in skimpy waitress outfits,” the piece reports.

Hardy sent the tweet by mistake, the story says, using Rep. Labrador’s account. The piece cites a report in the Idaho Statesman.

“The tweet came down 14 seconds later -- not long enough to prevent it from being captured and circulated throughout the Internet,” the report notes. “Labrador's district director, Jake Ball, tells the Statesman that the congressman made the call to fire Hardy, who had worked for him since 2010.”