What's Behind Ratings Woes for ABC's 'Modern Family'? EW

With ABC's "Modern Family" no longer the highest-rated comedy on television and falling to a season low this week, it's time to ask what's happened to the show, reports's Inside TV.

Blame its lead-in, competition from "American Idol" and an ambitious creative goal that's sometimes hard to pull off, the story says.

The lead-in for "Modern Family" is "Neighbors," an alien comedy that wasn't well received by critics. "American Idol" has likely impacted viewership for “Modern Family” during the past few weeks as well.

"Perhaps it’s that 'Modern Family' is rather ambitious and creatively complex with a large cast that seeks to work as a comedy with tinges of deeply heartfelt drama -- pulling all that off week after week is a huge juggling act," the story says.

CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” has taken over as the top-rated sitcom, the piece notes.