Former TV Executive Says He Deserves Community Service for Bringing Nancy Grace to TV ProPublica

Steve Brill, the founder of Court TV, tells the journalism organization ProPublica that he deserves "to do community service. I am the person who brought Nancy Grace to television."

Brill, asked about his nose for hiring inexperienced people who end up with strong careers, noted that he also made "a lot of mistakes" (which he followed with the Nancy Grace comment.)

Brill added that his attitude at Court TV was to "give people an opportunity, and if they get hired away, you use that to hire other people." Grace moved on from Court TV to become a fixture on HLN.

Said Brill: "When we started Court TV we had a couple of experienced people, and there was a producer there, a young producer, Cynthia McFadden." After she complained they didn't have enough people on-air, Brill said he told her, "Well, what about you?"

McFadden now is an anchor and correspondent for ABC News.

Brill added, "So Fred Graham, who was our experienced guy, takes me aside ... oh, and then I did the same thing with Terry Moran, ironically, because they now both do ‘Nightline.’"