NBC's 'The Voice' Admits Voting 'Inconsistencies' EW

NBC's "The Voice" disclosed a voting irregularity this week, and talked about the problem on Wednesday's show, reports's Inside TV.

Fans had trouble voting online and via text messaging through the vote-tallying company Telescope, the story notes. Nevertheless, even if the problems had been solved, the outcome -- which contestants were eliminated -- wouldn't have changed, the network said.

"Tonight we’d like to be completely upfront with you,” host Carson Daly said. “We noticed some inconsistencies with this week’s texting and online voting.”

Telescope CEO Jason George said in a statement, "Our system caught an inconsistency in a portion of this week’s voting data. For fairness, those votes have been removed from Monday and Tuesday’s results, but we want to assure fans and artists alike that this in no way affected the outcome for any team.”

Telescope also manages voting for other shows, including "The X Factor" and "American Idol."