CNN Slammed for Airing Blueberry Muffin Segment Instead of Filibuster Coverage THR

CNN is coming under fire for its editorial choices Tuesday night. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cable news channel was lambasted by viewers on Twitter, who took issue with the network's failure to cover a nearly 11-hour filibuster by Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis.

Interest in the filibuster was intense online, with the Texas Tribune streaming coverage to as many as 100,000 viewers at its peak, the story says. Davis was seeking to block stringent anti-abortion legislation.

But many critics slammed cable networks – including Fox News and MSNBC -- for failing to cover the filibuster properly, with CNN particularly coming under attack. It was mocked for a segment featuring Piers Morgan discussing the calories in a blueberry muffin with Dr. Drew Pinsky, the piece notes.

Actress Mia Farrow was one of the people who drubbed CNN, writing, "You are a disgrace @CNN u cannot call yourself a news channel."