Report: Charlie Sheen 'Fires' Selma Blair From 'Anger Management' TMZ

Charlie Sheen has reportedly "fired" actress Selma Blair from "Anger Management," saying he refuses to shoot if she comes on the set, reports

The ill feelings apparently started when Blair complained to the show's executives that Sheen was hard to work with, alleging that he's late and has a poor work ethic. Sheen found out about the complaints and felt she was out of line, given that he's the show’s star. Blair plays Dr. Kate Wales, a therapist and colleague of Sheen's character.

He's now telling people that he "fired" Blair, although the story notes that it's not clear how official it is. Sheen has told executives that if Blair shows up to the set today (Monday), he will refuse to work.

Executives are hoping the dispute will blow over, the piece adds.

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Selma Blair