Time Warner Cable Adds 'Broadcast TV Fee' to Its Bills Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Time Warner Cable is adding a new line item to customers' bills, and the company is blaming the new “broadcast TV fee” on a 40% rise in retransmission consent fees, reports Duane Dudek of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“The broadcast TV fee for new or non-promotional video customers is $2.25, and represents a 6% increase. However, according to Time Warner, 70% of its customers won't see any immediate boost because they are in a promotional package,” Dudek writes.

"It's important to ... make our customers aware of the substantial amount of money broadcasters have started to charge Time Warner Cable and other TV providers. Retransmission fees paid by TV providers like Time Warner Cable have become a huge source of revenue for networks and local broadcasters ... in addition to the money they already make selling advertising on their programs,” Time Warner Cable said.

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