If You Signed Up With Dish TV Primarily Because Dish Conveniently Allows You to Skip Commercials, Here's Some Bad News TVWeek

Satellite TV provider Dish TV, which has touted its consumer-friendly ad-skipping technology for several years, will discontinue part of that service.

In an agreement Dish has signed with The Walt Disney Company, "Dish will disable AutoHop functionality for ABC content within the C3 ratings window," the satellite company announced. The announcement says the Disney properties affected by the deal include ABC, ABC Family, the ESPN networks and ABC's eight TV stations that it owns.

The C3 ratings period covers the first three days a program is out in the marketplace.

Up until now Dish has touted its ad-skipping technology as a feature that you, the consumer, "will love and the networks hate."

Here is how Dish talks about AutoHop on its website:

Hopper’s newest feature, Autohop, allows users who are watching Primetime Anytime recordings to completely skip commercials! When you start watching a Primetime Anytime recording, you'll be allowed to choose (via an on-screen pop-up window) whether or not to skip commercials.

Skipping commercials puts YOU in control of your experience! Watch your favorite sitcoms in 21 minutes, and hour-long dramas in just 43! You can use Autohop on Primetime Anywhere recordings, starting as soon as four hours after the shows have ended! The Hopper logo will appear on all Primetime Anywhere recordings where Autohop is available.

Call us today and start taking advantage of this amazing technology that you will love -- and the networks hate. Take control of your TV with DISH!

Disney, along with other networks, has sued Dish over AutoHop. In its announcement about the Disney deal Dish also says, "The agreement will result in dismissal of all pending litigation between the two companies, including disputes over PrimeTime Anytime and AutoHop."

Furthermore, according to the announcement, "The extensive and expanded distribution agreement grants Dish rights to stream cleared linear and video-on-demand content from the ABC-owned broadcast stations, ABC Family, Disney Channel, ESPN and ESPN2, as part of an Internet delivered, IP-based multichannel offering.

"Additionally, for the first time, Dish customers will be able to access Disney’s authenticated live and video-on-demand products, including WatchESPN, WATCH Disney, WATCH ABC Family and WATCH ABC using Internet devices in the home and on the go."

Dish AutoHop.pngBye-bye Dish TV's AutoHop, at least for some of the programs Dish shows