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ROO Links With Abacast, Pando

ROO Group, a service provider specializing in maximizing Web content usage for companies and advertisers, has created an alliance with Abacast and Pando Networks to offer peer-to-peer streaming video services.

The companies will collaborate to offer live streaming and on-demand videos to users through ROO’s media player, incorporating each other’s technologies into their own development.

“ROO is committed to providing our customers with the most advanced digital video technologies, whether internally developed or externally sourced,” said Kaleil Isaza, chairman-CEO of ROO Group. “This alliance allows ROO to focus on its key strengths and justifies our recent decision to terminate our internal [research and development] in the P2P arena.”

Abacast, a streaming technology service, and Pando, a P2P content delivery service, currently have 62 million users combined. After striking this deal, the group will begin a technical integration phase. The combined products are expected to be released before the end of the first quarter.