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LCDs Dominate Super Bowl Purchases

Liquid crystal display televisions accounted for more than three-quarters of the TVs consumers bought during the week of this year’s Super Bowl, up from less than 25% two years ago, NPD Group said in a statement today.

The average LCD price during the week ended Feb. 3 was $978, down 9% from 2006, said NPD, which estimated that 98% of the LCDs sold were high-definition sets.

The average plasma television sold for $1,336, down from $2,495 two years ago, while rear-
projection TVs sold for an average price of $1,458, NPD said.

“Consumers are clearly looking forward to more programming at this high resolution,” said Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis at NPD, in the statement. “The spectacle of the NFL's championship game continues to drive demand for big-screen televisions.”

In all, U.S. consumers spent almost $250 million on TVs during that week, said NPD, which didn’t break out how many televisions were sold or say how much was spent a year ago. The Consumer Electronics Association last month said the Super Bowl would generate the purchase of 2.4 million HD TVs.

(Editor: Baumann)