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Animal Planet Preps Show on Sea Shepherd Society

Animal Planet said it is planning a show on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which uses radical methods to stop Japanese whaling operations in the Antarctic Ocean.

On Thursday, Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson claimed he was shot by someone on a Japanese whaling vessel; he was wearing a bulletproof vest. The Japanese boat denied firing gunshots, but the incident was recorded by an Animal Planet crew on Watson’s ship, the Steve Irwin.

Animal Planet said the society’s battles with Japanese ships will be a part of its series “Whale Wars,” which is schedule to air in the fall.

“Animal Planet is thankful that all parties to these conflicts over the last three months to date are safe and unharmed,” the network said in a statement. “The network will showcase these events with a strong journalistic lens that spotlights this global conservation issue that has several nations at odds over the practice of whaling.”