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'New Media Minute': Selling Old Medium—Books—Via New Media

Daisy Whitney’s latest “New Media Minute” looks at the ways in which book publishers are taking to the Web to market new releases.

Last week Random House made Charles Bock’s New York Times best-seller “Beautiful Children” available free online for two days.

Next month Crown Publishing will release Scott Sigler’s “Infected.” The company will pursue traditional publicity efforts, but Sigler also will venture into social networking and free podcasts to market his novel. (He did it before for “Ancestor,” helping propel the book to the No. 1 spot on’s best-selling horror and sci-fi list.)

Publishers are exploring other new-media ventures, such as using Web videos to introduce potential readers to novel content. As previously reported on, Putnam is teaming up with Michael Eisner’s Tornante Co. to create a prequel series to Robin Cook’s latest novel, “Foreign Body,” due out later this summer. Harper Perennial will use Web videos to introduce U.K. artist Sebastian Horsley to U.S. audiences in anticipation of the release of his memoirs later this month.

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