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‘Password,’ ‘American Dog’ Slotted For CBS Summer

Reality fare, a game show revival, mixed martial arts and two scripted drama premieres dot CBS’ summer schedule, announced today.

In the reality genre, the 10th season of “Big Brother” is gearing up for a July 13 premiere, while “Greatest American Dog” and “Jingles” are new entries for CBS. “Dog” has owners and pets living together and competing to crown America’s top dog. “Jingles,” from executive producer Mark Burnett, has contestants writing commercial jingles that will be graded by a panel of judges and the American public.

Regis Philbin returns to prime-time hosting duties, taking the helm of “Million Dollar Password,” an update of the classic game show that has contestants teaming with celebrities to guess the secret password.

In the drama department, “Swingtown” and “Flashpoint” are premiering. “Swingtown” covers the sexual and social revolution in the 1970s, while “Flashpoint” follows cops in the SRU, a task force that tries to diffuse emergency situations.

Programming departures for CBS include two scheduled mixed martial arts specials in May and July. Other specials for the summer include the 62nd Tony Awards, and the AFI’s 10 Top 10, a countdown show that lists the top 10 films from 10 genres.

The full schedule is below:

CBS Summer 2008 Schedule
  8-9 p.m. 9-10 p.m. 10-11 p.m.

June 1: Million Dollar Password (Series Premiere)

June 15: The 62nd Tony Awards (8 p.m.-11 p.m.)

July 13: Big Brother (season premiere)

July 27: Big Brother

June 1: Cold Case

July 13: Cold Case

July 27: Jingles (Series Premiere)

June 1: TBA

July 13: TBA

July 27: Cold Case (New Time Period)

No Change

June 3: NCIS

June 17: AFI's 10 Top 10 (Special, 8-11 p.m.)

July 15: NCIS

June 3: Shark

July 15: Big Brother

June 3: Without a Trace (New Time Period)

July 15: Without a Trace

Wednesday July 16: Big Brother July 16: Criminal Minds July 16: CSI: NY

June 5: TBA

July 10: Greatest American Dog (series premiere)

June 5: CSI

July 10: CSI

June 5: Swingtown (Series Premiere)

July 10: Swingtown

Friday July 11: Ghost Whisperer July 11: Numb3rs

July 11: Flashpoint


May 31: CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights (Special)

July 26: CBS EliteXC Saturday Night Fights (Special)

(Editor: Baumann)