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CBS Wants Piece of 'Worst Week"

CBS likes its new comedy "Worst Week" so much, it's trying to take an ownership stake in the project.

Shortly after CBS picked up "Worst Week" to series, executives at producer Universal Media Studios got a phone call from CBS Paramount Television. The CBS suits wanted to know if the NBC-owned studio would be interested in sharing production responsibilities for the show.

Such requests were common during the 1990s. These days, not so much.

It's no surprise, then, that UMS executives were initially wary of sharing "Worst Week" with CBS Paramount, but indicated they might be willing to give their rivals a cut of the show. The condition: CBS would have to schedule "Worst Week" in its best comedy time slot, Mondays at 9:30 p.m. after "Two and a Half Men."

Trouble is, it's believed CBS had been planning to put its new Jay Mohr show "Project Gary" in that timeslot.

CBS executives, invoking the network's upfront week "cone of silence," declined comment. But if "Worst Week" ends up Mondays at 9:30, it's a good bet it will be a co-production between UMS and CBS Paramount.